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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is That a Leak in My Ceiling or Just My Own Tears?

So after this...

and then this...

you'd think I'd be done with water leaking through my ceiling.

But, sadly, you'd be wrong.

Because today there's this...

Yes, that's a gash in my upstairs ceiling with water dripping through it. And yes, that strange curve is the bulge of the wet drywall sagging with the weight of it all. And yes, it's nearly three feet long.

This time, it wasn't the shower (photo 1) or toilet (photo 2) leaking into the kitchen. Today it was the A/C in the attic -- someone dumbass DIY previous homeowner repaired a broken PVC pipe with duct tape and even though we had a maintenance check on the whole system last year, apparently no one bothered to properly install the run-off pipes for the water overflow from the A/C unit. So it's been leaking into the attic floor for who knows how long and finally burst through the ceiling this morning.


Thank goodness for awesome neighbors/contractors who responded to my panicked phone call, converged on the house within minutes and repaired the leak within an hour. At least now the A/C is working, although the hole is the ceiling is another matter.

If I call my husband one more time at the office to tell him that it's raining inside our house, I'm pretty sure he won't come home anymore.


  1. Holy crap.

    George should never have been drinkin' and fixin' at the same time. Sadly, I think that's when he did his best work though.

  2. Oh man girl, that stinks. I totally feel your pain though, just a few weeks ago (before we were moving out and getting the house ready for renters) our air conditioner in the attic started leaking too - big ol' bubble on the ceiling in the upstairs hall. Fun!

  3. This bugs me so much on your behalf. Don't know if you know this, but our entire basement flooded not even a year after we had it fully finished. Then part of it flooded again. My brain implodes now when I see water in a house where it shouldn't be. You have my sympathy!

  4. Leaks coming from the ceiling are dangerous because they can damage your furniture. Moreover, they can affect your wiring, which could lead to fires. I hope you got it fixed by now. I believe you should really consider professional help should this problem happen again. I also suggest replacing your PVC pipes with copper pipes because of the fact that they are sturdier and are resistant to rust and molds.

    Darryl Iorio

  5. Uh-oh! It’s tougher when there’s be flooding inside the house and if electrical wires get wet. You could be in trouble for further damage if you won't regularly check and repair your ceiling. The landlady of my new house was kind enough to hire experts to do that for me before I moved in. It’s good that you have awesome and skilled neighbors to help you out, though. Hope there are no further leaks in your place. Keep safe.

    -Carmella Vancil

  6. DIY repairs can be very challenging and can save you some money, but at times like that, some professional help would be the best solution. Though the previous homeowner was doing DIY repairs, I’m glad that you considered going to a contractor to help you. Water leaking from your AC can damage your other appliances and furniture. I hope everything’s going well now and be observant of other leaking areas in your house.

    -Elia Lester-


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