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Friday, March 18, 2011

Remodeling 5: Kitchen Before and After

Consider today your virtual invitation into my new kitchen.

It's not "decorated" yet -- no artwork or photos on the walls, no curtains in the windows, no stools at the counter. But I'm so excited that most of the work is done (we're still waiting on the replacement window and a groovy chandelier for the dining room) and I just want to share the view.

All of today's photos have the "before" picture on the left or above, then the "after" photo is on the right or below. And if you couldn't see that without my telling you, then we've done something wrong. Or maybe I'm just a bad photographer.

1. Room with a view: The old kitchen was closed off from the dining room, with just a single doorway connecting the two rooms. We basically piled stuff in the dining room (notice the toys all over the floor) and almost never ate in there. Now the rooms are divided only by the counter behind the stove, allowing both greater access and a lot more light in both rooms. Also, I actually have a cabinet and some counter to the left of the cooktop now.

2. Open expanse: Looking the other way, the dining room seems so much larger now. It's also a lot less junky, although it remains to be seen if we can keep it that way -- I'm hoping that the new visibility and the fact that we're eating at the dining room table every day will inspire us to stick with the plan. We can now see from the family room on one end of the house all the way through to the dining room on the other end, with one beautifully lit, smooth, continuous ceiling above. 
3. Pantry: Before, most of our food was crammed into a pantry that was too small, yet too deep to be useful. Now I have empty shelves, there's so much floor-to-ceiling space -- and at a 16" depth, everything is accessible (credit to my smart architect for that one). I even have room for a bulk package of paper towels in the new pantry, so I don't have to store them upstairs in the linen closet anymore.

4. Cabinets and desk: In the old kitchen, we had only lower cabinets on the one long wall in the room -- a previous homeowner's DIY project left a mess of plumbing that stuck out from the wall and big gap where cabinets could have gone. And until we moved that desk down from Pippi's room (it had been her changing table), there was no place to work. Now I've got cabinets up to the ceiling, a built-in desk area for files and my laptop, a shelf for the microwave and cabinetry built around and above the fridge.

5. Clean and shiny: I realize that part of why the new kitchen is so clean and shiny compared to the old one is that it's, well, new. But more than that -- now there are places to put everything. I can put my crockpot, George Foreman cooker (aka our grilled cheese/panini maker), the electric frying pan, the big turkey roasting pan and every other pan I own INSIDE an easy-to-access cabinet. Amazing. And the sparkly factor is greatly increased by the stainless steel appliances and the glittering granite counters.
The only great flaw with the new kitchen is that it's not a self-cooking one. So which one of you people will be coming over to fix dinner tonight?

Remodeling Week in Review:


  1. It looks amazing - yay! Just gorgeous, how totally exciting!!!!

  2. I would love to come cook in your shiny new kitchen, but I am afraid I would get kitchen envy. And the cure is not in our budget. But I can't wait to see it in person!

  3. The kitchen looks great!! Congrats on getting it done. We have to replace our floors in our kitchen and I'm so petrified of the chaos that I've put it off for nearly a year. You're a braver woman than I.

  4. Love it! Very jealous (but not about the part where you actually had to live without a functional kitchen).

  5. Beautiful! LOVE to see all the organization!!

  6. Awesome! Great pics, thanks for sharing. I now have kitchen envy...but am relieved to see that your "old" kitchen looks much like mine. So I am not a total pig, just organizationally challenged??? Congrats & enjoy!

  7. That is brilliant. My friend just finished doing the same thing, and her home feels so new and open now. Love it!

    I'd come over and cook for you any time. Do you like Mexican or Italian? Or shall I just make a bunch of desserts and a pot of freshly ground coffee?

  8. Amazing. Absolutely gorgeous. It was definitely worth the time, wait, inconvenience for the quality work, design and flow. Do you have a cooking school nearby where someone would like to practice at your home? Just a thought...
    -Uncle Bubba

  9. Oh that looks lovely! I think KitchenAid makes the self-cooker-cleaner appliance.

  10. Just gorgeous! You really made some amazing changes! I definitely need to come cook at your place. Soon!

  11. Looking good! Your new kitchen looks way better than before. I love that you refrained from having everything tinted white. I love what you did with the walls – CLASSY! :D Your furniture was emphasized and the whole room looked more balanced than before. I love it!

    Kristopher Diss

    1. Thanks! We're really enjoying it. Now if it only it would stay as clean as it looks in those photos :)

  12. Fabulous! There's a really big difference from how your kitchen looked before; now it looks more organized. Your kitchen was full of clutter, I guess even things that don't even belong in the kitchen are there. Haha! It looks like white is the new color for kitchens. Everyone's remodeling their kitchen and having it painted white!

  13. Congratulations! You did a great job in your kitchen remodeling! I love the idea of dividing the kitchen and the dining room with the counter behind the stove. I guess that setup will be benefit my wife since she’s having a hard time transferring the food from kitchen to the dining table during meal time. I guess by now you’re already using your dining room for your meals rather than using that as storage for toys. :)

    - Chase Conely -

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  17. Beautiful kitchen,Thanks for sharing all these pictures with us.

  18. Your kitchen is absolutely spectacular. I love your style , thanks for sharing

  19. Oh this is amazing!I would very much like your kitchen, thanks for sharing with us.


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