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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Third Quarter Meal Report

Project Meal-Planning is at 39 weeks and counting! Still eating frozen pizza (5 nights), frozen skillet meals (5 nights) and hot dogs (3 nights), but also lots of other meals. I'm quite proud of myself, but need to clarify something before I get too big for my apron. Based on comments I've received on past posts, I seem to have created the illusion that my children are also eating all these different meals that I've been making. Let me assure you that when my husband and I are eating pad thai or pineapple pork tenderloin, my kids are having chicken nuggets or Easy Mac.

Out of the third 13 weeks of 2009, we were out of town 13 nights (including a week at the beach), had dinner out 13 nights (beach restaurants, date night, CFA, football games, etc.), and got dinner from our meal-trade four nights. Of the remaining dinners, here's a sampling of what we had during Q3:
  • 21 different dinners
  • 16 nights of leftovers (a.k.a. good planning)
  • 10 dishes involving chicken in various formats (crockpot, grill, pasta, pad thai)
  • 6 nights of variations on pork tenderloin (kabobs, grill, crockpot)
  • 5 nights of tilapia with veggies
  • 3 nights of French toast with turkey sausage and fruit
  • and assorted other dinners
My goal for Q4 is to find some new recipes to add to the mix -- now that I'm cooking more, the old stand-bys are getting over-used. Would really love some recommendations for crockpot soup recipes to get us through the winter -- anyone?

For earlier meal reports, go to Q1 and Q2.


  1. Let's start a recipe exchange! Every once in a blue moon I post something I like on my blog. I wonder if we could share stuff on blogs or via facebook . . .

  2. what's this "meal trade" you speak of?

    i can give you an old-school Italian sauce recipe, but would have to swear you to a blood oath.

  3. I have a ton of quick easy recipes (of course all of them are in my house in Griffin - my dumb self keeps forgetting to bring the recipe book here). Check out for great easy recipes, I get most of mine from the magazine. I have yet to make a bad one. Congrats on keeping it going, very proud. Now that my family is all in the same place, I'm gonna have to start getting back in the planning groove again.


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