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Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday's Five: Baby Stuff to Borrow

Now that we've committed to not having any more children, I've started giving away our baby things. It was hard at first -- every little thing is packed with so many memories of my sweet Juni and Pip -- but then it starts to feel good to free up some space in the house. It's also fun to know that the newest babies in the neighborhood will be enjoying the same clothes and toys that my little ones did when they were babies.

There are some things that it's nice to buy new when you have a baby -- things that get a lot of use like high chairs and cribs (although truthfully you could probably get everything used and be just fine). But there are plenty of things that should be borrowed or bought on consignment -- either because you just don't use them very long or because you never know if your child will actually like them, or both.

Here are five things you should definitely try to borrow if you can:
  1. Infant swing: My kids liked the swing (and was sometimes the only way to get them to take a nap), but not all kids do. And it only lasts for a few months before they're too heavy or too wiggly to fit into it.

  2. Jumpster: This one saved my life (my kids are jumpers -- see photo of Pippi) and was the only way I was able to shower for several months. But it's also a personal preference item, so best to borrow to be sure your baby will enjoy it.

  3. Bumbo seat: I didn't have one of these until Pippi was 5 months old, but wish I'd had one earlier. Her chunky thighs didn't fit into it for very long, but it would have been handy in those early months.

  4. Exersaucer: See #2, but bigger and clunkier.

  5. Infant stroller: The whole stroller-for-every-activity-at-every-stage thing is such a racket. Save your money for a nice stroller that will meet your needs for the long-term and borrow one of those infant stroller frames that you can snap your car seat into and go.
Mommy-readers... what are your other recommendations or favorite consignment items for newbies?


  1. We're big, big fans of the borrowed items!! As a matter of fact, we will/have borrow(ed) everything on your list (we'll come by this week to pick up the jumpster before some other lucky baby gets it). I'd add bouncy seat to the list . . . and, of course, CLOTHES!!

  2. I was just about to ask if we could borrow your jumpster . . .

    I would borrow a giant horse for your living room if at all possible.


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