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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Musiciancarnation: The Edge

In my next life, if I could come back as a member of U2, I'd be The Edge.

Thanks to my awesome husband, who splurged on two tickets for us, we got to see U2 perform on earlier this month at Carter-Finley Stadium (thankfully, we actually made it through the traffic, unlike some very disappointed fans). The band, which I first listened to in the mid-80s, thanks to my much cooler (and younger) brother, put on an amazing musical spectacle for a solid two hours. I don't know how they do it, night after night and year after year, but they really pulled it off.

I don't even need a Facebook quiz (I'm sure there is one) to tell me that I'd definitely want to be the guitarist/keyboardist/back-up vocalist, born David Howell Evans. So why, you're asking (I know you are), would you want to be The Edge? I'll tell you:
  • He never has a bad hair day thanks to that hat (and apparently he doesn't have much hair left anyway).
  • He plays guitar AND plays keyboard AND sings. Triple threat with a sexy guitar stance.
  • He's been credited as defining the "U2 sound," even more so than Bono.
  • He has the coolest stage name around, involving an article no less.
  • He gets to run around stage, having a blast with his best friends from high school -- and he gets paid for it.
  • He ate Cooper's BBQ after the Raleigh show. Okay, so they all did -- but I still think that is awesome.
So, who would you be if you were in U2?

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  1. We just saw them last week out here in Dallas- awesome seats thanks to my hubby's work connections! They were incredible- I think I might have to be Bono so that I could meet with world leaders and still hang from the cool circle microphone thing during my concerts.

  2. drummer in any huge rock and roll band would be awesome. Situational fame, is all the fame I need.

  3. So jealous - I never tire of U2, they are seriously the coolest band ever, next to REM. That's so cheesy, but true!


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