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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What would happen if I just put my hand here?

Last weekend we took Junius to see the N.C. Symphony's Summerfest concert with Cirque de la Symphonie. It was a big night out for the three of us -- we left Pippi at home with a friend from the babysitting co-op because we knew she'd a) never sit still for the concert and b) need to go to bed about the time the show was starting.

The amphitheater was packed when we arrived and got more crowded as the night went on. But despite the lack of space and lack of a clear view (more on that in another post), we had a nice time eating our picnic and watching the show.

If you're not familiar with Cirque de la Symphonie, it's kind of like Cirque de Soleil in front of a symphony -- acrobats, dancers, jugglers, and the like. The performers are mind-bogglingly (did I just invent an adverb?) strong and graceful, dangling from the ceiling on ribbons and hoops or balancing on tiny stools and each other.

So here are my questions: After you've done all the strength training and gymnastics training and so on, how do you make the leap to saying to your friend...

"Just hold still --
I'm going to do an upside-down one-armed push-up on your head."

Or "I think I can spin three *more* hoops..."

Or "I'm sure I could wrap these sheets
around my wrists and fly..."

For more photos and a video to get the full effect, go here. In the meantime, I'll be training with Junius and Pippi for the next tour. I'm pretty sure I can juggle both of them at the same time.


  1. Let's see..... Motherhood is a juggling act. Check. You jump through hoops to make sure everyone's schedules and appointments work out. Check. Folding the never-ending piles of laundry- clothes, towels, and yes, sheets. Check. One-arm push-ups as you get yourself out of bed in the middle of the night or get up from the table to deal with dinner issues. Check.

    You're right, Cyndi. You've got all the skills necessary to be the main attraction. (Or at least Pat is attracted to you!)

  2. How did I just find out about this blog!!!! It's on my new favorite list. I too am also perplexed by people who channel very utilitarian skills into artistic pursuits.

    But I guess this is why football players win dancing with the stars more often than not. (yes, I watch DWTS and I also abbreviate it DWTS.)


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