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Monday, June 15, 2009

Musiciancarnation: Tift Merritt

In my next life, I want to come back as Tift Merritt.

She's talented and gorgeous -- and she's lived in North Carolina and Paris, which are two of my favorite places.

The first time my husband and I saw her perform, he leaned over to me halfway through the first song and said, "I think she's on my list."*

"Are you kidding? She's on MY list," I responded. The woman is that sexy.

And not just because she has fantastic hair (read: all the thick curls I never had, even with my '80s perm), a beautiful smile (read: straight teeth that I used to have before I gave up on my retainer in 7th grade and my teeth shifted back to being too crowded) and a great figure (read: all the curves I never had, even when I was nursing).

It's something in her voice, how she holds the guitar, the way she moves toward the microphone, how she leans her head back when she sings -- all of it is sexy in a powerful, sensual, musical way.

Check out one of my favorite songs below (it can be a little slow to load) or go here...

*We have this running joke about which three celebrities are on our "list" of people we'd be allowed to fool around with and not get in trouble -- which is totally safe because none of them know we're alive so there's no chance of actually cheating and thus destroying our marriage. I think we took the idea from a TV show or something (can't remember anymore), but it seemed much less weird before I tried writing down an explanation about it.

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  1. Don't worry - we have those lists, too. I think it was from an episode of Friends? Maybe?

    Amy (not the one related to you)


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