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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The name's Marco...

Last week was our monthly-ish trip to the local library. Junius likes to run through picking out the same Curious George, Clifford and Berenstain Bears books every time while I search for something new (this trip's winner so far is The Dumpster Diver) and try to keep Pippi from unloading all the shelves.

After we've made our selections, we do the self check-out because Juni likes to "help" at the computer. It's a little tricky because the scanner is kind of sensitive and you have to hold the book just right for the code to work, so it actually takes longer than just waiting in line for the librarian. But it's free entertainment, so who am I to complain.

As we were scanning our books last week, Juni starts hopping around saying, "Stan Marco! Stan Marco!" While I'm looking around trying to figure out who in the world is Stan Marco, I realize he's actually repeating what he hears in the computerized voice announcing instructions to us as we attempt to check out our pile of books.

It's saying, "Scan barcode."

When he picks the name "Stan Marco" as his alias one day, at least we'll know why.

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  1. We love the book The Dumpster Diver. I've been known to be a certain daughter's "partner in crime" in this endeavor.

    In regards to Stan Marco, maybe Junius will want to visit San Marcos, TX or San Marcos, CA.


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