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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Books for Your Baskets

My friend Julie, who writes about ways to Simplify Your Life, posted tips this week about how to declutter your Easter basket.

I'm totally on board with her plan. Well, totally except for the part where I already bought those bunny rabbit glasses from the Target dollar bin because they are just ridiculously cute. But other than that, I'm TOTALLY on board.

What I really love about Julie's Easter basket list is that she doesn't recommend any candy -- which my kids get plenty of from school and who knows where else. Instead, she suggests giving BOOKS!

So after you read Julie's post and you're looking for book ideas, here are some of my past posts recommending children's books that are Junius and Pippi approved:

Leave a note in the comments to share some of your favorite books for kids or your favorite non-candy items to include in Easter baskets.


  1. I love to include Annie's organic snacks. I buy them for his lunchbox treats anyway and nothing makes for a cuter Easter basket than cheddar bunnies or bunny cookies and gummies.


  2. I like to add spring outside supplies that we need to refresh anyway- bubbles, chalk, new balls, etc.

  3. We always do books, bunny and duck bath things and summer stuff like new gardening tools and gloves. I actually have to remember to get at least one thing that is edible! :)


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