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Monday, August 22, 2011

Punch Buggy Orange!

"What's your punch buggy report, Mom?"

That's what Junius asks me every day. My punch buggy report.

And by that, he means he wants to know how many Volkswagon Beetles I saw that day so that he can add the number to my total from the day before.

Because with Junius, punch buggies isn't just a game for road trips. It's a lifetime cumulative total sort of game. We actually made him let us all start over at zero when he hit 100 the first time, so technically we're on our second round game at this point. He keeps a mental tally of his own score, plus totals for me and my husband as well.

It's pretty funny -- except that we're all crazy competitive. On family trips, my husband and I totally keep playing even when the kids have fallen asleep in the car. And Junius and I think it's a little unfair because we don't spend as much time in the car as my husband, so we don't have as many opportunities to see them.

As for Pippi, not surprisingly, she's just invented her own variation of the game. It involves shouting "Punch buggy green!" any time she sees any green car. Or when one of us sees an actual punch buggy, she sweetly asks, "Was that one for me?"

Guess we all like to win, even if we have to make up our own rules.

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