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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big Teeth

Someone hold me.

Not only does my sweet baby boy have his first wiggly loose tooth, I discovered something even more terrifying today. Behind those tiny, adorable, bottom front teeth are two great big boy teeth poking through.

Look at them in there! How is it possible that I just saw them today?! And he's so very proud -- especially when my husband told him he's like a shark with two rows of teeth.

I'm not entirely sure why this seems like a bigger deal than starting first grade or riding the bus or all the other big boy stuff he can do now. Maybe because it's the start of his grown up face -- a visible sign every time I look at him that he's growing up faster and faster every minute.

Whoever said that the days are long but the years go by so quickly really wasn't kidding. Going upstairs now to kiss his sleeping forehead one more time before he's suddenly 17.


  1. He'll have to show Morgan at the beach...they'll have a lot to talk about!

  2. You should tweet this with the hashtag #sharkweek and see what kind of response that gets on your blog!

  3. I will never stop finding this phenomenon totally bizarre. I know it's normal, but what the hell?

  4. L has leg hair. Not baby peach fuzz but dark man-hair growing on his legs. This freaks me out. But we can't win. If they weren't growing we'd be all freaked out and angst ridden that something's wrong. When they do grow we're all freaked out and angst ridden that we're losing our babies. Mothers are crazy.

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