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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Would You Send Your Child to School Wearing This?

One of the unfortunate ironies about blogging is that people with the best stories or the most interesting lives are often too busy living those lives to have time to write down any of those stories.

So today, I bring you a guest post via an email from a friend who is a high school social studies teacher. For the purposes of this post, we'll call her Ms. T (so as not to get her fired because she's an excellent teacher and goodness knows we can't afford to lose her) -- otherwise, the story is relayed here (in italics) as she shared it.

A freshman boy (yes, a 14-year-old) in my 4th period was wearing a t-shirt today that said: “Boobies make me happy.”

I’m not sure what is the worst part of this scenario:
  1. That he, and possibly his parents, thought this shirt was appropriate for school.
  2. That he got rude with and then yelled at the SRO [school resource officer, basically school police] who spoke with him about the shirt being appropriate after I sent the student to the office.
  3. When the student’s administrator was called (after the yelling) and told what the shirt said, the MALE ADMINISTRATOR said to the school secretary, “Well, they do.”
So there you have it. And people wonder why teachers feel under-paid and under-respected.


Note: When I did a Google search to see if I could find the shirt (available from Cafe Press), I also found a series of the same shirt with the breast cancer ribbon included in the background. I'd like to believe that this particular kid was just showing his support for breast cancer survivors, but somehow (call me cynical) I don't think that's really the statement he was trying to make.


  1. Yeah, let's assume his mom is a survivor. Makes things more palatable (except for that last dingus.)

  2. Even if it was for breast cancer...still inappropriate for school. I think it's crazy that a parent would allow their child to wear that!

  3. If it was for breast cancer awareness, the kid should've used it as a teaching moment -- "my mom is a breast cancer survivor," etc. Or if he wasn't smart enough to do that independently you would think his parents could have coached him on how to discuss it. I was afraid this entry would be a pic of a girl in some trashy clothes, so this actually didn't upset me too much! :-)

  4. Hmmm, I think it was inappropriate even if it's raising awareness of breast cancer. Do 4th graders even like girls? I thought they would say they are yucky but what do I know?!


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