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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Strategery: How to Build a Fish Pond in Your Backyard

Step 1: Build a large wooden sandbox in your backyard.
Step 2: Cover the sandbox with a heavy duty tarp to keep the neighborhood cats out. Hook the tarp onto the sides of the sandbox, using a staple gun along one side and small hooks on the other sides.
Step 3: Wait for Noah's rain to fall.
Step 4: Add fish.

Please be aware of two caveats to today's strategery: 1) we did not do this on purpose and 2) it's probably not really the best approach if you're actually going to do step 4. But it still made us laugh.


  1. It's the kid's very own pool!

  2. Didn't something similar keep them entertained at the beach for hours? You might be on to something!

  3. perhaps you'd like the green turtle back for future efforts?!

  4. Isn't that how it always works? If you're dealt a bag of lemons make lemonade! Cute post. :)

  5. Try tadpoles. They'll turn into frogs and hop away before the water dries up.

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