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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where I Yell at the School Board Again

So I know yesterday's post was all one big, beautiful mutual admiration society, but I'm afraid it's back to the ranting today. Thankfully, it's in the form of a letter to the editor that I submitted last night, so at least you know there's a word limit. Here you go, in case it never sees the light of the printed newspaper...

The four new school board members ran on a platform of being responsive to parents and improving choice and stability in the district. These sound like nice promises, yet the board is already breaking them left and right. Whether they’re ignoring the spirit of open meetings laws or disregarding the district’s own survey showing the majority of parents are satisfied with their school, the “gang of five” appears to care only for the small percentage of parents who voted them into power.

The latest example of their disregard for families came on April 7, when the district quietly announced that magnet results would not be posted on April 8 as promised because of last-minute changes by the board on April 6. This date was already postponed from the original notification date of March 18, despite a district announcement that 60% of magnet applications have already been accepted.

Meanwhile, my family is in limbo because we do not know where or when my son will start kindergarten. While this school board pushes its agenda into action, it is actually ignoring parents, reducing options for families and wreaking havoc.

Parents—and voters—are watching. Let’s hope the school board starts listening.

Update on 4/9/10: My letter ran in today's N&O.


  1. I have seen more frustration from the actions of this board than any governing body, anywhere. And I lived in California when people were so fed up they elected Arnold Friggin Terminator. keep up the good work!

  2. Great letter, C! Let's write a book. Honestly.

  3. M. reports that Wake County made The Economist this week.

  4. I couldn't believe this didn't make the news. I logged on before my morning run yesterday, only to learn that our wait would stretch out for more than another week. On the heels of the students who were moved back to Lacy from Stough, the news didn't sit well with me. I am so disenchanted with my WCPSS right now.


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