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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For My Husband

As I walked down the aisle eight years ago today, arm-in-arm with my parents, my hands were shaking so badly that I thought I might drop my bouquet. It wasn't so much nerves as excitement and emotional overload.

When I got to the front of the church, I took my soon-to-be-husband's hand, kissed him on the mouth and promptly stopped shaking.

After the wedding, I got a lot of teasing about how I was supposed to wait until the end of the ceremony for the big kiss. But it was totally worth it.

We might have surprised a few people with our choice of song for our first dance, too -- although not our next door neighbor, who didn't realize he'd been listening to us practice our shag moves (no, not that kind of shag) every time it played.

Happy anniversary, my love. Only 42 more years until you get to renegotiate the contract.

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  1. Happy anniversary! I went to Illinois this weekend to see my best childhood friend get married and cried my eyes out. I'm certain that when the time comes for me to get hitched, that similar to you, I'll need to reach out for a steady hand and kiss. So much emotion makes it hard to function.


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