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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday's 5: Pippi Speaks

My baby girl is growing up fast -- she's sleeping in a big girl bed, wearing undies and giving up her nap (most days). But she still says "kankoo!" when she means "Thank you!"

And I find that very comforting. As long as she still has some baby quirks, I can still hold on a little longer to the illusion that's she's not on the fast track to turning into a teenager. Which is terrifying.

So for now, here are five words that I love to hear Pippi say in her own way (with translations)...
  1. Nimps: mints, specifically Altoids, which she asks for every time we get into the car
  2. Allums: olives, preferably threaded onto her fingertips
  3. Guh-normous: ginormous, usually in reference to the size of her poop 
  4. Bamamma: banana, one of her favorite snacks
  5. Mackin: napkin, something she needs a lot of at every meal

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  1. So cute! I love L's remaining baby-talk words. They're disappearing faster than I'd like. He finally says "music" instead of "moogit" and "ice cream" instead of "i-fam," but I've still got "aminals" and "becited" (excited)


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