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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday's 5: Type-A Mom Conference

I'm about to do something that, two years ago, I would never have expected. I'm leaving Friday afternoon to go to a blogging conference.

Yeah, I know -- it sounds crazy to me, too.

But it's a lovely, fall weekend in Asheville hanging out with smart, interesting, clever blogging mamas (and some daddies, too) -- which honestly sounds like a lot of fun.

Except that now that I'm about to go, I've decided it's a supremely bad idea. Now that I really think about it, going to a blogging conference goes against all the reasons I actually like blogging. Here's why:
  1. Clothing: When I'm blogging, I can be in my jammies, my sweaty tshirt or whatever I happen to have on. No one sees me and no one cares. At a conference, all that goes out the window. Suddenly I have to think about what to pack and what I could possibly wear that didn't come from Target or Old Navy.
  2. Location: When I'm blogging, I'm at home. Doesn't take any planning or traveling or coordinating. I just sit down at my computer and start. With this conference, there's the four-hour drive there, the four-hour drive back, plus the cost of the hotel in between.
  3. Timing: When I'm blogging, I squeeze in time during Pippi's nap or after the kids go to bed. My husband probably gets slighted the most, but I try to write when it's not taking time away from anyone else. This conference means I'll be gone for three days -- Daddy will be parenting solo. He's more than capable, but he's going to be one tired man by Sunday night.
  4. Editing: When I'm blogging, I don't have to be clever on the first try. I can edit, tweak, delete, add, link and change to my heart's content. In person, at a conference? It's all live, with no time to rehearse.
  5. Popularity: When I'm blogging, I know that at least five of my relatives and two or three friends are going to read every post. It doesn't matter if I don't have hundreds of subscribers as long as someone I know leaves a comment now and then. At this conference, there will be actual blog celebrities in the house. Meanwhile, I'll be loitering in the lobby with a pocket full of Triangle Mamas business cards hoping someone recognizes me from my avatar @convertiblelife.
Okay, now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm going to get over myself. Truth is, if I get to hang out with the Triangle Mamas and some of the other talented local bloggers I've already met, it will be a great weekend -- no matter what I wear or say or do. 

And at the end of it all, I'll get to come home to my sweet family and appreciate them that much more for having been away.

Traveling mercies -- see you next week!


  1. I for one, am super glad you are coming! See you there!

  2. Proud to be one of those five relatives!

  3. You will be famous by the end of the weekend ;)

    It's going to be fun. Probably not life changing or anything, but definitely fun.

    I'm SO glad you are coming!

  4. I will miss you, but I'm glad you're going. You will have as much fun as we had during our across-the-street getaway. And that was good for both of us. Maybe we could have an afternoon (lunch and movie?) getaway sometime...

  5. Ditto. Absolutely ditto, my friend. But who cares about everybody else?!? We'll have our own posse and everyone will want to be us. *snort*


  6. you are one of my very favorite bloggers. and i would love your blog even if i didn't even know you. which i do & find to be one of life's great gifts. hope you have an amazing time. :)

  7. tired hubby = proud hubby

  8. I'm not a relative and I didn't go to the conference, but I love this post. You totally capture the feeling. I just started blogging, and it completely fits all of the five points you listed. How do we keep up a casual, yet witty connection to people through some hopefully-good writing, still promote ourselves somewhat, but not interfere with that incredibly strong cord to our snuggly/crazy/wonderful families. I don't want to be a blogging superstar, but I also want to keep learning and not just be sitting under a rock with my keyboard. :)
    BTW: I'm listing you on my blogroll. Hope you are okay with that! :)


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