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Monday, August 16, 2010

Living Crazy on a Sunday

Yesterday I did two totally crazy things. Both fleeting, but very satisfying in completely different ways.

First, I sat in a lounge chair at the pool.

See, I told you it was totally crazy. And by "sat in a lounge chair," I mean that I actually sat by myself with no one in my lap or pulling on my arm or begging for snacks and just lounged. Pippi was playing happily by herself in the baby pool while Junius was in the big pool with my husband. So I just sat there, in the lounge chair, and watched her. It was a short, but lovely glimpse into a future with growing, independent children.

Second, I washed my washing machine.

I know, wild, right?! Who knew you were supposed to do that? But apparently you are and I did and now I can believe that my clothes are even cleaner than they were before. Phew.

Watch out, world -- there's just no telling what sort of craziness I might get into next.

Photo is a totally gratuitous cute baby shot of the last time Pippi lounged at the pool. I think she was almost four months old at the time. I'm so glad it's finally my turn now and then.

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