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Thursday, September 20, 2012

On Faith and Biscuits

Is it wrong to select your church based on its proximity to Biscuitville and its faith formation schedule?

Because I'm pretty sure those were the two main criteria that landed us at our new spiritual home.

I'm not proud of this. But sometimes I think we, as parents, make decisions based on what will cause us the least amount of angst. And right now in my life, I'm realizing that choosing anything that takes me more than 10 miles from home or adds evening activities into an already overfilled week causes me much stress. That stress then makes it harder for me to pray, to focus, to actually listen while I'm at church.

So we've signed on at a Catholic church that's less than three miles from our house (and even closer to Biscuitville) and offers faith formation classes* for BOTH kids right after mass on Sunday mornings. Did I mention they have BOTH a 2nd grade AND a pre-K class? And we get to drop off BOTH kids for an hour on Sunday morning?

You see my point, right?

Now the real test will be if we can actually get ourselves up, dressed and out the door in time for mass. Send prayers, y'all.

* If you're not Catholic, "faith formation" is the same thing as Sunday school. It's just not always on Sundays. And it used to be called CCD or the "Confraternity of Christian Doctrine." Now you know.

** And also? That picture is more than a year old and yes, she's chewing with her mouth open. But look how cute and happy she is at Biscuitville!

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  1. Anything that's close to a Biscuiteville is a bonus/value added thing! Now I'm craving a biscuit and I'm nowhere near one :o(

    1. That's how you know you're a North Carolina girl :)

  2. Except that I might accidentally go and genuflect at a place called Biscuitville.

    1. It really is that good. Come visit -- we'll take you.

  3. I am thinking a quiet hour that restores your faith for the week is nothing short of a re-formation!!!!!

  4. So, I am so out of the Catholic loop, I didn't know CCD was now "faith formation." Huh. Who knew? Not me!

    I visited an Episcopal church last week. I liked it. It might be my thing. We'll see...

    Glad you found a spiritual home. :-)


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