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Monday, June 13, 2011


One of the keys to peaceful parenting is figuring out which rules and decisions you're willing to fight to the pain and which ones you're willing to just let go.

There are times that I'm in the middle of a knock-down-drag-out with Pippi when I hear the little voice inside my head saying, "Really? You're going to have an epic battle with this three-year-old about not wearing polka dot leggings with a different pattern polka dot shirt?"

Sometimes the answer to that question is "Yes, damnit. I am the MOM and I make the RULES and she needs to understand that the fashion police WILL stop her." At which point I become the crazed mom that other moms watch from a distance to make themselves feel better about their parenting.

Other times, I come to my senses and realize this is probably part of that overly dramatic flair that makes Pippi so hilarious. (Note: If you see my children wearing plaid with stripes or some other craziness, please know that they dressed themselves and that I'm trying to be a better parent about it all.)

But early on, I think my husband and I agreed that hair styles would not be our hill to die on when it came to battles with our kids. I really like Pippi's hair in a short bob, but she wants long hair "like a princess" -- so it's slowly inching its way down her little back.

With Junius, he hasn't been so opinionated. But now and then, he gets an idea that just won't let go.

So yesterday, after their regular father-son outing to Sport Clips, Junius came home with this:

Because who says you can't be a sweet, sensitive kindergartner and still have a bad-ass mohawk with some styling product in it? Now I'm just waiting for him to ask for the hair dye.


  1. Watch out Morgan and Jordan!!

  2. That child could not be cuter or cooler. Could not be.

  3. I love love LOVE his hair. I totally agree with you about hair, and in fact tried to convince L to get a mohawk the other day as he was shorn for the summer. He didn't want one for fear he'd look like a "bad guy." Your guy looks awesome.

  4. Time to buy some Manic Panic.

    Oh - my daughter always looks so batshit crazy with her wardrobe choices, that people actually comment when she happens to (accidentally) wear matching clothes. Some things? Ya gotta let go.

  5. I just mentioned a mohawk to the Hubster. I said something along the lines of, "All the boys do it sometime between kindergarten and second grade. Will we let Roo do it when he's that age?" I was ready for a "hells yes!" I got a "hells no." But it's so darn cute on Junius that maybe this photo will sway the Hubster. I would definitely allow it. :)

  6. He looks fantastic! I often wonder what I'll argue over as she gets older, having been a black-wearing, hair-dying, head-shaving teenager myself.

  7. Ha! Speaking as a non-parent, I would absolutely assume that a child wearing mis-matched patterns or head-to-toe spiderman garb had insisted on dressing him- or herself. Especially if the parent had shtyle :)

    Love the fauxhawk!

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